30 for 30: Taylor “TV” Johnson

Today’s 30 for 30 will be focusing on a man from Madison, AL.  That man is named Taylor Johnson.  Taylor grew up as a kid who never went outside to play but instead was always glued to the television.  He was a very pale boy due to his lack of sun from being indoors so much.  He lived a pretty normal life and even competed in sports (I know, a big surprise) in high school.  His watching of tv was always an issue but was never a serious problem until recently.  Taylor went to the doctor for a routine checkup and that’s when he got the bad news.  Dr. Brianna Johnson diagnosed Taylor with ETS (excessive tv syndrome).  Dr. Brianna told Taylor that if he continued to watch television at this rate that his eyes would eventually start to bleed and it would be irreversible.  Taylor’s love for tv will eventually lead him to become blind.

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